Redeye initiating coverage

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LIVE Q: OXE Marine – February 17th

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OXE Marine: A New and Stronger OXE

OXE Marine Q4’21: Initial comment

OXE Marine: Transformational Acquisition

OXE Marine: On the right track

OXE Marine Q3’21: First impression

OXE Marine: Direct share issue

OXE Marine: Ramp-up in progress

OXE Marine Q2’21: First comment

OXE Marine Picking up speed in 2021

OXE Marine Q1’21: Initial take

OXE Marine: Q4’20: Time for Torque

OXE Marine: Q4’20: First Comment

OXE Marine: Revised outlook

OXE Marine Q3’20: Comment

OXE Marine: De-Risking the Case

Revoked growth target

Oxe making progress

Oxe making progress

Comments on preliminary Q1 numbers and covid-19

Disapponting outcome in Africa

Approaching launch of OXE300

OXE Marine Q4: Mixed performance

OXE Marine kämpar på 

CIMCO MARINE: Time to rev up sales 

CIMCO MARINE: Below Expectations