According to the Company’s articles of association, the Company shall have minimum one (1) and maximum two (2) auditors with maximum two (2) deputy auditors. The auditor(s), or deputy auditor(s) (as applicable), shall be an authorized public accountant or a registered public accounting firm. The current auditor of the Company is Ernst & Young AB (EY) with address Redaregatan 50, vån 4, 252 36, Helsingborg, Sweden. Karoline Tedeval, an authorized auditor, and a member of FAR (professional institute for authorized public accountants, approved public accountants, and other highly qualified professionals in the accountancy sector in Sweden), is the auditor in charge. EY Sweden has performed the audit of the annual reports. EY was re-elected as auditor at the annual general meeting of shareholders ́ held on 22 May 2020.