The Annual General Meeting 2024 will be held on May 16, 2024

The shareholders in OXE Marine AB (publ) 556889-7226 (”Bolaget”), are convened to the Annual General Meeting of shareholders, to be held on May 16, 2024, at 13:00 at på Hotell Erikslund, Åstorpsvägen 15, 262 96 Ängelholm. Registration to the Annual General Meeting commences at 12.30.

OXE Marine AB (publ) gave notice to the annual general meeting.

Länk till kallelse (pdf)

Link to notice (pdf)

The board of directors’ proposals

The board of directors’ complete proposal was set forth in the notice.

Länk till styrelsens förslag  till beslut om emissionsbemyndigande (pdf)  

Link to the authorisation for the board of directors to issue new shares etc (pdf)

The nomination committee’s proposals

At the annual general meeting 2023, it was resolved to adopt principles for the appointment of a nomination committee for the annual general meeting of 2024.

In accordance with the adopted principles, the nomination committee consists of Martin Polo, (Chairman), Theodor Jeansson, Per Lindberg, and Christian von Koenigsegg.

The nomination committee’s complete proposal was set forth in the notice.

Länk till Instruktion för valberedningen (pdf)  

Link to Instruction to the Nomination Committee (pdf)


Shareholders who wish to be represented by a proxy need to submit a written and dated proxy form. A proxy form is available through the link below. 

Länk till fullmaktsformulär (pdf)

Link to the proxy form (pdf)

Right to attend and notice

Those who wish to participate at the annual general meeting need to:

  • be recorded as a shareholder in the share register prepared by Euroclear Sweden AB (“Euroclear”) relating to the circumstances on May 7. 2024; and
  • notify their intention to attend the annual general meeting no later than May 10. 2024.

Notification to attend is to be made by e-mail to the Company’s e-mail address or by postal service to OXE Marine AB (publ) att. Paul Frick, Metallgatan 6, 262 72 Ängelholm. In its notification to attend, the shareholder is requested to provide the shareholder’s name, personal or corporate ID number, shareholding, address, daytime telephone number and, where applicable, the number of any assistants (up to two) which the shareholder intends to bring to the AGM.